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Flagstaff's entire fold-down lineup on one page

Please note: this page includes all floor-plans Flagstaff offers. Some models may not be available at our store; please check New Campers In Stock for our current inventory. Thank you!

For help differentiating between all of these models, please see the Key Features chart, Key Specifications chart, and maybe even the Series Comparison chart.

Model Box Size Standout Feature Floorplan List Price Our Price
176LTD 8'

Flagstaff's lightest and least expensive pop-up camper.

Flagstaff 176LTD floorplan thumbnail


206LTD 10'

The lightest 10' Flagstaff; lots of storage space and a full walkway from end to end

Flagstaff 206LTD floorplan thumbnail


206LT 10'

An upgraded 206LTD with certain MAC features

Flagstaff 206LT floorplan thumbnail


176 8' The only 8' MAC; also with three full-length beds Flagstaff 176 floorplan thumbnail
208 10' The only Flagstaff camping trailer with four full-length beds Flagstaff 208 floorplan thumbnail
205 10'

Flagstaff's only 10' model with a shower/cassette toilet

Flagstaff 205 floorplan thumbnail
228 12' Four beds with a large dinette/sitting area and open galley area Flagstaff 228 floorplan thumbnail
228 with shower 12' The popular 228 model with an interior shower/cassette toilet Flagstaff 228 with shower floorplan thumbnail
228D 12' The only MAC with a slide-out dinette and four beds Flagstaff 228D floorplan thumbnail
228D with shower 12' The 228D model with an interior shower/cassette toilet Flagstaff 228D with shower floorplan thumbnail
176SE 8' The lightest SE camper at 1722 lbs. Flagstaff 176SE floorplan thumbnail
207SE 10' The only 10' SE camper without a storage trunk Flagstaff 207SE floorplan thumbnail
206STSE 10' The only enclosed storage trunk in the SE Series Flagstaff 206STSE floorplan thumbnail
228BHSE 12' The largest SE camper without an interior shower/cassette toilet Flagstaff 228BHSE floorplan thumbnail
228BHSE with shower 12' The largest SE camper without a slide-out dinette Flagstaff 228BHSE with shower floorplan thumbnail
23SCSE 12' Three wide beds, an interior shower/toilet and a 4 1/2' metal deck--single axle Flagstaff 23SCSE floorplan thumbnail
28TSCSE 12' Three big beds, an interior shower/toilet and a 8 1/2' metal deck--double-axle Flagstaff 28TSCSE floorplan thumbnail
425D 12' The only Flagstaff pop-up with a bay window--lots of floor space and storage Flagstaff 425D floorplan thumbnail


823D 12' A 425D clone with exterior cube fridge access in lieu of a bay window--lots of counter space. Flagstaff 823D floorplan thumbnail


825D 12' Two seating areas and four big beds in a low-wall Classic--special-made for Roberts Sales. Flagstaff 825D floorplan thumbnail


625D 12' Flagstaff's only 12' low-wall Classic with an interior shower/cassette toilet. The sofa pulls out to make a fourth bed! Flagstaff 625D floorplan thumbnail
627D 14' Flagstaff's only 14' low-wall Classic. With an interior shower/cassette toilet and an exterior-access fridge! Flagstaff 627D floorplan thumbnail
HW27SC 14' The easiest-to-use HW camper--an excellent single-axle alternative to the HW29SC. Flagstaff HW27SC floorplan thumb
HW27KS 14' The only Flagstaff pop-up with a slide-out galley--outside eating made easy! Flagstaff HW27KS floorplan thumb
HW29SC 16' Top-of-the-Line, the largest Flagstaff pop-up interior; double-axle Flagstaff HW29SC floorplan thumb
T12RB 12'

The smallest and lightest T-series camper.

Flagstaff T12RB floorplan thumbnail
T12RBST 12'

The T12RB interior with an enclosed storage trunk on the front

Flagstaff T12RBST floorplan thumbnail
T12BH 12' The T12RB interior with a "BH" bike hauler on the front and a front dormer Flagstaff T12BH floorplan thumbnail
T12RBSSE 12'

The T12RBST with Sports Enthusiast color scheme.

Flagstaff T12RBSSE floorplan thumbnail



The T12RBSSE but with a 57" toy-hauler deck instead of a storage trunk

Flagstaff T12RBTHSE floorplan thumbnail


T21TBHWSE 14' NEW for 2018 model year. The first High Wall T-series with the Sports Enthusiast package Flagstaff T21TBHWSE floorplan thumbnail


T19QBHW 12' One of two T-series models with a queen bed (the T21QBHW is the other) Flagstaff T19QBHW floorplan thumbnail


T21QBHW 14' The first 14' T-Series. Has a queen bed and a 50" dinette/bed. Flagstaff T21QBHW floorplan thumbnail


T21TBHW 14' Now with front dormer. The only T-series with three separate beds. Flagstaff T21TBHW floorplan thumbnail


T21FKHW 14' Like the T21DMHW but with a "front kitchen" instead of a toilet/shower. Flagstaff T21FKHW floorplan thumbnail


T21DMHW 14' The only T-Series with an interior cassette toilet/shower combo. Flagstaff T21DMHW floorplan thumbnail



ORDERING INFORMATION: The list above shows all of the models Flagstaff offers, not necessarily what we currently have in stock (New Campers In Stock has that information).

If a particular model is sold and none are on order, we're happy to order one for you. The average waiting period for a camper order is 35 days but may vary depending on many factors like the time of year, factory stock, factory schedule, and if the transport company does it's job swiftly (or not).

For more details on ordering a camper please call Mark, Dave, or Frank at 303-922-6221.

Prices and inventory are subject to change without prior notification.

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